About Me


  • Langauges:

    C#, C, Swift, Objective C, Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS PHP, MYSQL, Python, C++

  • Teaching:

    Online C# tutorials (30,000+ views), tutoring (app and web development)

  • Homework Planner

    • Category: Productivity & Education
    • Cost: free
    • Downloads: 115,000+
    • Milestones: 71st most downloaded app in category in UK, Top 100 in category in 45 countries (05.09.12)

    A basic homework planner for students.

    School Planner

    • Category: Productivity & Education
    • Cost: $0.99
    • Downloads: 4,500+
    • Milestones: 73rd most downloaded app in category in UK, Top 100 in category in 18 countries (28.01.13)

    An advanced homework and timetable planner for students.


    • Category: Productivity & Utilities
    • Cost: $1.99
    • Downloads: 200+
    • Milestones: reached the Young Enterprise competition London finals, came 4th out of 83 adult teams in Richmond's Den, a seed capital competition.

    An app that turns your computer into a mouse, keyboard, clicker and more.

    Remote File Browser

    • Category:Productivity & Utilities
    • Cost:$1.99
    • Downloads:100+

    An app that allows you to access, view and modify files on your PC from your phone.


    • Category: Entertainment & Utilities
    • Cost: $0.99
    • Downloads: 1,500+
    • Milestones: 26th most downloaded app in category in South Korea (04.02.14)

    A customizable video, photo, animation and drawing interface.

    Speak Easy

    • Category: Entertainment & Utilities
    • Cost: $0.99
    • Downloads: 600+
    • Milestones: featured on the App Store in 27 countries upon release

    An interactive text-to-speech generator.

    Open Source

    Open source software (OSS) is the future of software development. I'm passionate about the accountability and interactivity that OSS brings. I enjoy contributing to and publishing open source software.

    I mostly contribute via GitHub, under the username hughbe.

    Some projects I have contributed to include:

    • .NET Framework: installed on 1.5 billion devices. So far in 2016, I am one of the most active external contributor to the corefx project in terms of pull requests, commits and code changes.
    • 10 other miscellaneous self-published projects, with over 125 stars on GitHub.


  • A Levels:

    1A: Maths, 2As: Chemistry, Economics,

  • Extended Project:

    A*: Serbia's democratic and economic transition - which has EU conditionality promoted more?

  • AS Levels:

    4 As: Chemistry, Economics, Maths, Russian

  • GCSEs:

    10 A*s: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Geography

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is an opportunity for AS level (16 - 17 year old) students to demonstrate indepdent study and dissertation writing skills on a topic of their choice.

Serbia's democratic and economic transition - which has EU conditionality promoted more?

Serbia has undergone a political and economic transition after the fall of Yugoslavia and Milosevic. The carrot of EU accession and the stick of EU conditionality have aided these transitions immensely. In this dissertation, I shall evaluate the most important benefits from EU conditionality from both a political and economic perspective. Politically, I shall discuss how EU conditionality has helped Serbia's democratic transition through judicial reform, the fight against corruption, the development of regional cooperation within the Western Balkans and the facilitation of social inclusion and improved fundamental rights. Economically, I shall evaluate the effect of Serbia's transition from a command economy to a market based economy focusing on free trade, competition policy and economic reform.

I will argue that each of these benefits has the potential to facilitate democratic and economic transition in Serbia and include an assessment of the effectiveness of EU conditionality - how much can it achieve and can it potentially hinder democratic or economic transition?

I conclude that Serbia's democratic transition has been promoted more by EU conditionality than its economic transition, as little would have been achieved democratically without the EU. The main priority of the EU for the Western Balkans region is political stability and the alignment with European democratic standards. It is clear that Serbia's democratic transition also has an economic dimension owing to the increased stability of the country thanks to EU conditionality. Because of this, Serbia will become a more desirable place for investors and businesses, and the lives of its citizens will be improved.

Download: PDF; Microsoft Word

Work and Internships


  • Duration: from October 2016
  • Job title: Software Developer

Developing, testing and supporting .NET Core Web APIs for clients.


  • Duration: 1 week in August 2016

Drafted and developed an internal website for the Analyst Consulting Group, and learnt about management consulting. Discovered how Accenture structures its business and uses technology to help clients become more productive.

Young Enterprise

  • Duration: 1 academic year from 2014 to 2015

Head of IT, product design and product development of the app ClickBoard.

JP Morgan

  • Duration: 1 week in July 2015

Shadowed a graduate working in the commodities trading back office. Learnt about how commodities trading operates and how a global investment bank is structured.

National Institute for Economic and Social Research

  • Duration: 1 week in July 2015

Developed software named Can You Buy Happiness with an academic to research the effect of relative income and perceptions of relative income on happiness. Developed skills in statistical analysis and econometrics.

European Union

  • Duration: 1 week in October 2015

3 days at the EU delegation to Serbia in Belgrade. Researched my EPQ and discovered more about how the EU interacts with the Serbian government to meet requirements for EU membership.


  • Fabio Fabrizio:

    Head of Technology at SYZYGY

  • Andrew Sykes:

    Senior economics tutor at St Paul's School


  • Sports:

    Tennis, golf, fives, rackets, squash, skiing

  • Music:

    Grade 5 saxophone, singing

  • Languages:

    Written and spoken Russian, Serbian

  • Travel:

    Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Tanzania, Russia, USA, Continental Europe